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Children in Distress is a small charity based in the United Kingdom, established by Deed of Trust in 1990 and registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales initially as Romanian Children's Aid. In 1992 it was decided to extend the work of the charity throughout the Balkans and Eastern Europe and the charity was re-registered as Children in Distress. In 2005 Children in Distress became a not for profit limited charitable company.
CID's Mission of Care
The work of Children in Distress was inspired by our founding Director Reverend Dr John Walmsley and the parishioners of St. Laurence Barkingside is to address the plight of the children and orphans with HIV AIDS or infant and children abandoned in Romania's rundown hospitals and institutions as result of terminal or incurable illness as result of accident, infection, genetic disorders or accident at birth.
Today we care for children of all races and religions. It is very important that our work crosses all ethnic and religious boundaries in order to achieve our aim: to cure, sometimes; to help, often; to comfort, always.
Our work has evolved from an initial focus of caring for children with HIV/AIDS. Today we offer love and care to infants and children with a range of other incurable and terminal illnesses.
We Don't Do Miracles but It's Amazing What TLC Can Do
Our aims are really simple. In our hospices, children's centres and community based programmes, we aim to bring quality of life and dignity in death to children who would otherwise have neither.
We work with our Romanian and Eastern European partners and staff to share expertise, develop their skills in paediatric palliative medical and nursing care, and to establish centres of excellence in care which are beacons and models for other centres and programmes.
All We Achieve is Due To Your Generosity
All we do is funded through grants aid and donations from the general public in both cash and in kind. We receive donations via regular giving and child sponsorship schemes and maximise the benefit of the Inland Revenue's Gift Aid scheme.
We advocate and strive for the basic human rights of children in Eastern Europe. We care for as many children as possible and offer them, when needed, a safe, secure and caring home. We work with local and national authorities and partner organisations throughout Eastern Europe to achieve our aims.
Contact Jane Russell, Funding Development Manager at  or phone 01751 432089 / 07775 695611 to book a talk or simply to find out more about how you can help this small charity. 
 Christmas News from Children in Distress
Jane is now National Co-ordinator for the Shoebox Appeal and this year they have collected an amazing 7,000 boxes, which have been taken to Romania to be hand delivered to the very disadvantaged children in the care of Children in Distress.
Delivering, and personally handing out 7,000 shoe boxes filled with gifts has been a massive undertaking (even Santa would be hard pushed to get so many boxes given to the children individually!)
What a heartwarming gesture to hear about - in the true spirit of Christmas.